Alternate Perceptions – Nowhere Nuthin EP

Yeah! My project with my pal Kooki Salinas is back again with a two track EP with some hypnotic Techno grooves. Track number 1, Nowhere Nuthin, is a subtle Techno journey with evolving soundscapes and trippin effects, KR-4 a more four-two-the-floor synth driven melodic tune.



This EP is out on Method (Baroque Records) and early support has been awesome with positive feedbacks from Laurent Garnier, Wade Bennet, Joseph Capriati, Mitch Alexander (Microastle), Jamie Porteous and others.

I was totally thrilled when I found out yesterday Lauren Garnier has played “Nowhere Nuthin” on his IIWII radio show:



How cool is that!!!!! 🙂 Peace and love,



Alternate Perceptions – Psion EP

Very proud to announce the release of this new EP. Me and my pal Kooki Salinas have taken a break from the Yud Kei project and have gone into some deeper electronic stuff. The EP is released on UK imprint Baroque Records and early feedbacks from heavy weights such as Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Marco Carola, Michelle De Hey, Mitch Alexander (Microcastle) have been really positive 🙂

Here are some links:



Link to Beatport:

I’ll write a short review of each of the tracks:


  1. Psion – A downtempo hypnotic synth driven track, with some acid synths going in and out while a constant driving motiv sets the mood. The term “Psion” refers to psionic hypernatural powers.
  2. Time Binding –  In the Deep House domain, alternating percussion patterns take you through sequenced basslines and liquid atmospheres. Time Binding is a term taken from Philip K Dick’s novel “Flow My Tears The Policeman Said” and is the effect of a drug described in the book, KR-3. The spoken words are also taken from that book.
  3. Armitage – Melodic Techno. A strong rythmic pattern is the ground for an evolving landscape in melody and warped effects.


Elastic Squeezing Massive Patch

Just wanted to share with you a simple adjustment for a massive patch that produces a really cool sound. Here’s a download link for the modified patch:

We have used this patch when producing the track “Secrets” by Yud Kei & The Mosquitos in 2011 (out on Baroque Records ADE compilation):


This patch is based on a quite basic patch called “Fm Plastique”. In itself quite a regular FM sound. What we did was use a macro control for the pitch of each oscillator, than use an LFO for the same pitch as a sidechain modulator, than modulated the release and decay time & level of the main envelope together with the previous parameters. To make it more simple we mapped a second macro control to LFO amp, release, decay time and decay level and named it Pitch Modulation:

FM Plasrique image for blog

So just by tweaking the macro controls “Pitch” and “Pitch Modulation”, we obtain some really cool effects such as in this short example:


It’s pretty cool in the high end, but I think where it is most impressive is the lows that go really deep and make some really interesting and unusual sounds. Try it!


Here we go!

Yeah! I am writing my first post on my blog! This blog will be primarily about electronic music and my creations in the field, so if your interested in my work as a Producer and/or Sound Engineer in various other musical genres, please visit the websites below under the writing “blogroll”.

So, my first post will be about my new electronic music project, “Alternate Perceptions”, which is myself together with producer Kooki Salinas, and we’re all about house & techno, sci-fi vibes and hypnotic music. Our first EP will be out around march 2015 on UK label Baroque Records, and I am happy to share with you our first DJ Mix, which is a dj set recorded with loads of synth improvisations and real-time tweaks. Hope you enjoy it: