CTRL SHIFT DEFEAT – Shaman Balangan

CTRL SHIFT DEFEAT – Shaman Balangan

the rarest sound around

CTRL SHIFT DEFEAT isn’t just a techno electronic artist, he’s also an author. Each track CTRL SHIFT DEFEAT releases intertwines with a chapter of a sci-fi novel he’s currently writing called The Engagement Room. Not only is the concept of his track, “Shaman Balagan” incredible, the production of this track is excellent. This saturated, multi-layered sound will definitely keep you guessing throughout the entire track.

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The Engagement Room – Chapter 2 – Shaman Balagan

The Engagement Room – Chapter 2 – Shaman Balagan

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* Balagan – Yiddish word for chaos, disorder.

Ron and Micha were walking on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv.

Micha was excited: “We’ve made some good numbers on the last Engagement Room session, three thousand users watching the feed live, a shit load of comments and interactions… more than a hundred requests for the next session…,” he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

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Nadav Inbar – Tzimaon נדב ענבר – צמאון

Nadav Inbar – Tzimaon    נדב ענבר – צמאון


מילים ולחן:                              ענבר / רוכמן / סלינס

עיבוד, הפקה מוזיקלית: ומיקס       יונתן רוכמן / קוקי סלינס

Words & Music – Inbar/Rukhman/Salinas

Produced by Yonatan Rukhman & Kooki Salinas

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