Nadav Inbar – Tzimaon נדב ענבר – צמאון

Nadav Inbar – Tzimaon    נדב ענבר – צמאון


מילים ולחן:                              ענבר / רוכמן / סלינס

עיבוד, הפקה מוזיקלית: ומיקס       יונתן רוכמן / קוקי סלינס

Words & Music – Inbar/Rukhman/Salinas

Produced by Yonatan Rukhman & Kooki Salinas

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The Engagement Room – Chapter 1

The Engagement Room – Chapter 1

“In my opinion, Last Take on Never is your best song,” Brandon said.  “Definitely my favourite…,” he smiled and moved anxiously in his chair. Ron stared at him, still gaining familiarity with his surroundings.

They were seven people sitting somewhere in the Chihuahuan desert. Ron was in the middle and the others sat in a half circle in front of him. The scenario was quite typical, hilly and cactus-strewn. “Were those San Pedros?”  Ron wondered. As they were in this desolate location, Ron felt amused at the thought of a white camper storming out of nowhere, with Walter White jumping out wearing a gas mask… not going to happen. Continue reading “The Engagement Room – Chapter 1”