The Engagement Room – Chapter 1

“In my opinion, Last Take on Never is your best song,” Brandon said.  “Definitely my favourite…,” he smiled and moved anxiously in his chair. Ron stared at him, still gaining familiarity with his surroundings.

They were seven people sitting somewhere in the Chihuahuan desert. Ron was in the middle and the others sat in a half circle in front of him. The scenario was quite typical, hilly and cactus-strewn. “Were those San Pedros?”  Ron wondered. As they were in this desolate location, Ron felt amused at the thought of a white camper storming out of nowhere, with Walter White jumping out wearing a gas mask… not going to happen. Continue reading

Alternate Perceptions – Nowhere Nuthin EP

Yeah! My project with my pal Kooki Salinas is back again with a two track EP with some hypnotic Techno grooves. Track number 1, Nowhere Nuthin, is a subtle Techno journey with evolving soundscapes and trippin effects, KR-4 a more four-two-the-floor synth driven melodic tune.



This EP is out on Method (Baroque Records) and early support has been awesome with positive feedbacks from Laurent Garnier, Wade Bennet, Joseph Capriati, Mitch Alexander (Microastle), Jamie Porteous and others.

I was totally thrilled when I found out yesterday Lauren Garnier has played “Nowhere Nuthin” on his IIWII radio show:



How cool is that!!!!! 🙂 Peace and love,




הוידאו בלוג שלי בו אני מדבר על נושאים קריטיים בתחום ההפקה המוזיקלית, ניתוחים שוטפים בנושאים ביטחוניים בוערים וסקופ בלעדי על מה שבאמת קרה בנחיתה על הירח.

My Video Blog in which I talk about critical issues in the world of music production, national security analysis and what really happened during the moon landing.

The Story Behind My Song

Greg Egan’s science-fiction novel is set in the year 2067 in a world where the solar system has been enclosed by an unbreakable barrier put in place by an unknown extraterrestrial force. Nick Stavriano is hired to find a brain-damaged woman named Laura Andrews, who has disappeared from her institution. Following her to Hong Kong, Stavriano’s case leads him closer to the mysterious force that’s “quarantined” the solar system.


What I find fascinating is the fact that the hero in this story is aided by a skull full of neural modifications. The book starts with him receiving loads of information directly to his brain while he is sleeping. The whole idea of these neural “moods” is quite similar to the way we install apps on our phone. And that’s so cool, because imagine how easy it would be to have maps, calendar and what’app directly in your brain.


The “ensemble” is a special kind of mood which exploits aspects of Quantum Physics to avoid the collapse of the wave function. That opens up the possibility of choosing from infinite alternate realities which starts a crazy chain of events culminating in a grand feast of what would be considered completely impossible.


Yonatan Rukhman – The True Ensemble

Greetings mankind!

I am very excited and pleased to serve you my new song, “The True Ensemble”. After years of working in the recording studio producing bands, song-writing for various artists, producing as part of various projects,  I have now decided to give birth to a new project, my own new sound, using my own name. I am also using my own services as vocalist…so what you hear is totally, 100% myself. The genre is electronic, house-to-pop, and generally I think I am going to be quite versatile on this project as I think and hope more will follow. The inspiration for the lyrics of this song came from science fiction literature that I am particularly fond of, but I will talk about that in a separate post. For now, just listen to my new track! Hope you enjoy 🙂

Party@Ben Shemen 6

שמחתי לחמם את הרחבה עבור DJ Moradi ו-Sunshine, הנה הקלטה של החלק המרכזי של הסט, בערך השעות 23:30-00:30, קצת פאנקי, האוס, טכנו וחוזר חלילה… דגש מיוחד על הטראק Chunky של Format:B שזוכה לתואר אחד הטראקים הטובים ששמעתי אי פעם…(!!seriously). 🙂


1. Faul & Wad, Pnau – Changes (Tocadisco Sunny LA Remix)
2. Disclosure, Mary J Blige – F For You
3. Claptone, Jimi Tenor – Party Girl
4. Format:B, Pleasurecraft, Chris The Voice – Coltrane
5. Yonatan Rukhman – I Want To Know What Love Is (Work In Progress)
6. Format:B – Chunky
7. Rene Amesz, Mendo – Tribeca
8. Miguel Bastida – Moudness
9. Antonio Thagma – Doing That