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נדב ענבר – Nadav Inbar

שירים שהלחנתי והפקתי מהאלבום “בצל הוילון האדום” של נדב ענבר

Songs I have written and produced from the album “In the Shadow of The Red Drape” by opera singer Nadav Inbar.




What started as a simple recording session in studio has evolved to be one of my most important musical projects. Folkstone is now one of the leading bands in the Italian Folk/Rock scene. I have started working with them as a sound engineer, then as producer and songwriter, and have continued this collaboration to this very day, even after my return to Tel Aviv. In fact, we are now working on new songs for Folsktone’s upcoming album! These are some of the songs I’ve composed, recorded and produced together with Folkstone: