Alternate Perceptions – Psion EP

Very proud to announce the release of this new EP. Me and my pal Kooki Salinas have taken a break from the Yud Kei project and have gone into some deeper electronic stuff. The EP is released on UK imprint Baroque Records and early feedbacks from heavy weights such as Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Marco Carola, Michelle De Hey, Mitch Alexander (Microcastle) have been really positive 🙂

Here are some links:



Link to Beatport:

I’ll write a short review of each of the tracks:


  1. Psion – A downtempo hypnotic synth driven track, with some acid synths going in and out while a constant driving motiv sets the mood. The term “Psion” refers to psionic hypernatural powers.
  2. Time Binding –  In the Deep House domain, alternating percussion patterns take you through sequenced basslines and liquid atmospheres. Time Binding is a term taken from Philip K Dick’s novel “Flow My Tears The Policeman Said” and is the effect of a drug described in the book, KR-3. The spoken words are also taken from that book.
  3. Armitage – Melodic Techno. A strong rythmic pattern is the ground for an evolving landscape in melody and warped effects.