Best of 2015 part 2

After dedicating my part 1 selection entirely to DIRTYBIRD here’s some more great music with some more representation…


I’d say this is mainly a house music selection, with the first two tracks coming from UK’s powerhouse Toolroom.

Rene Amesz & Mendo manages to create a great groove with a tribal low end and awesome chunky sounds.

Miguel Bastida’s track Moudness was originally released by the end of 2014 but made most of it’s buzz on 2015, amazing first of all because of the tight clap sound and second for the great synth work, vocals and build up.

I discovered Youandewan at a Barzilay Crew event at the Alphabet club in Tel Aviv, became a fan ever since… The set was amazing and the vibe excellent, also merit of this great club which is one of the best in the city in my opinion. This track specifically is introspective and warmly oniric with great bass.

Last but not least a track from the first EP of Spanish artist Antonio Thagma released on Visionquest, an awesome sound managing to be Techno powerful and Electronica sophisticated and interesting at the same time.

That’s all for now. Will there be a part 3? Hopefully before the end of the year! Best,