Folkstone – Le Voci della Sera

Hi guys,

It’s time for me to make my first exception here on my blog, as I said I would write primarily about electronic music, but this time I’ve got some great news from a different musical genre I would like to share with you.

Folkstone is a rock band from Italy I have worked many years with. Our collaboration started in the recording studio, I worked with them as a sound engineer and we became close friends and collaborators. We started writing music together and our songs rapidly gained major success in Italy.

Folkstone has one special trademark: the use of medieval instruments such as bagpipes, harp, bombard, cittern and particular flutes. These instruments have all special and unusual sounds, and are great for experimenting unique arrangements.

I have produced their last album, “Oltre l’Abisso”, right before returning to Tel Aviv. I have many great memories with the band, including travelling through Europe when I was their PA engineer.

So why am I writing this? This Christmas, Folkstone has released a new video of a song we wrote together on their new album, a beautiful animation video directed by Marco Pavone. This song also features Chris Dennis on the violin as a special guest, he has played with some of Italy’s greatest bands such as Nomadi and Modena City Ramblers.

I hope you enjoy this song! Best,


  1. Dear Yoni,
    thanks lot for sharing with me your Creativity.
    Great Video and Original Music of FOLKESTONE
    It’s a pleasure to hear from you about your Progress and Success.
    I also will be in Sanremo Festival, with my songs, in February and Francesca Tassinari.
    Grande abbraccio and Happy New Year 2016.

    Luigi Maio

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